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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 5, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. this is saturday, march 5th. and this morning, rebound or relapse? we are looking for answer on the big, looming question. as unemployment drops to the lowest level in two years, gas prices hit another high. will that stifle our burgeoning, yet fragile, economic recovery? high-rise rescue. two workers dangle hundreds of feet above the ground after their scaffolding collapses. the men are suspended by just their harnesses over rush hour traffic. firefighters risk their own lives by repelling down the side of the building to save them. and it's all caught on tape. huckabee versus hollywood. pundit and possible presidential candidate, mike huckabee, takes on natalie portman. accusing the oscar winner of glorifying single motherhood.
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now, he is facing serious blowback. this morning, he responds. and the royal impersonators. what's one of the most lucrative new jobs in britain? playing william and kate. and the money they're making? well, you could say it's fit for a future king and queen. good morning, everybody. i want to welcome back bianna golodryga, who spent the week over in london. i want to know, do you think the impersonators actually look like the people they're impersonating? >> i don't know what you're talking about. i actually interviewed the kate and will. >> that's a pretty big get. >> funny enough, i didn't see dan harris impersonators there. >> that's impossible to pull that off. >> love to know how much he makes. >> doughnut hole, i can guarantee you that. also coming up this morning, it's really a spectacle. out in a courtroom in arizona,
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the self-help superstar, james ray, sits accused of reckless manslaughter, in the death of three of his follows after a sweat lodge ceremony. we've been following this story since it broke. we'll tell you what his followers are saying on the witness stand. and we have the latest on the tragedy on a high school basketball court. a star player collapsed and died after sinking the winning basket. we know what caused this. what could have been done in the future to help protect student athletes. >> a lot of questions for parents there. and take a look at this video. it was of a man arrested for drunk driving. >> i'll give you the sermon on the mount. your sermon on the mount is this. get this [ bleep ] off of me because i'm getting a rash. >> i'll give you a sermon on the mount, he says. that's an interesting turn of phrase because that man is a priest. not what you expect to hear from the man of the cloth. he had a bit to say. we'll show you more of it in a moment.
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we begin with the mixed bag of economic news. on the positive side, the unemployment rate ticked down to 8.9% last month, falling below 9% for the first time in two years. 192,000 jobs were added, raising hopes that momentum for a recovery has finally kicked in. there's also this figure. gas prices have shot up 28 cents in the last ten days, to $3.47 per gallon. and many fear if that number continues to rise, it could halt the economic recovery in its tracks. we have team coverage on this story. linsey davis is covering the good news, while t.j. winick has the bad. >> reporter: there is reason to be optimistic. >> we've now had months and months of positive job growth. >> reporter: and reason for concern. >> there's all this fear that's out there. and that really goes a long way to making prices go up. >> reporter: the good news? a substantial 222,000 jobs created in the private sector. huge gains across the board. including 33,000 jobs in manufacturing.
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33,000 in construction. and 34,000 in health care. so, does it look like we're finally starting to get out of the woods? >> i'm always optimistic. but certainly, this jobs report confirms that that optimism is warranted. >> reporter: you get the sense that maybe the job market has finally turned a corner. >> i think we're moving in the right direction. >> reporter: so, when you're looking at the jobs glass, is it half-full? >> it's definitely half-full. >> reporter: but those numbers are last month's. now, americans are facing $4 a gallon gasoline in some states. most widely in california. >> i think the price of gas is ridiculous. >> we were around $65. now, we're at $96. >> reporter: to fill up? >> yeah. >> reporter: the unrest in libya, the world's 17th-largest oil producer, is partially to blame. nelson valdez knows he picked a heck of a time to start his own courier business. >> filling up the tank twice every three days. that's $40, $45 extra a week. >> reporter: and rising gas prices take a huge toll on the overall economy. each 1 cent increase in gas
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prices means $1.2 billion less in consumer spending over a year. that means in the past month alone, the economy lost $41 billion. if costs go up to ship goods, that's going to be passed on to the consumer, who already can't afford gas. >> all of the extra fuel costs has to get passed on to the consumer because it costs more to ship their goods to market. >> reporter: investors are hopeful. the dow is up 5% since the start of the year. >> reporter: but the housing market lags. median housing prices are lower than in 2005. and while millions of families are losing their homes to foreclosure. this was the scene in atlanta this week, as hundreds of people lined up to get assistance in cutting their mortgage payments. >> i lost my job and i'm making less money. >> reporter: with consumer confidence the highest it's been in three years, more people are spending, which will hopefully keep the economy growing.
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linsey and t.j. are here, with michael santoli. michael, i'll get to you in a moment. not only did we see the unemployment rate decline. we saw temporary hires. that's usually a precursor to permanent job creation, right? >> what's especially significant about february is that we saw the highest increase in the last two years, as far as the number of people with part-time jobs that were offered full-time jobs. another glimmer of hope we can't forget is that 21,000 of these new jobs were created in the restaurant industry, which, of course, means that people are getting out and spending. >> consumer confidence is up. t.j., i want to turn to you right now. you were covering oil prices. we saw them peak to $104 a barrel. up $7 in just one week. there's increasing pressure on the administration to tap the strategic petroleum reserve. any indication the president is willing to do that now? >> well, experts differ on how much of a difference it could really make. we know so much of what drives gas prices is fear. proponents say if tapping the reserves reduces that fear a little bit, it's worth it. right now, the white house does
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not think that's necessary. >> michael, you follow all of this every day. with regards to the unemployment report, sometimes when we see that decline, it's not necessarily good news, right? it's that people give up looking. is that the case this time? >> to a degree, yes. we created more jobs than we had an increase in the labor force. the labor force is people with jobs or looking for them. there is some low label force participation rate right now. it's at a 25-year low. it gives you a little bit of pause. but i think in general, the trends are what we like to see. private companies are getting the confidence to do some hiring. that should drag more people back into the labor force, which could, by the way, cause the unemployment rate to tick up, even as jobs numbers get better the rest of the year. >> right. and as we have seen, the private sector add over 200,000 jobs. we did see a decline of about 30,000 jobs in government, public sector. a lot of economists are concerned that we could continue to see hundreds of thousands of government, state and local jobs, cut. will that derail economic recovery? >> i don't think it will derail a recovery. i think it's a headwind, though.
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obviously, the government sector is dealing with huge budget deficits. and they're obviously going to be a net decliner in terms of contributing to jobs. i don't think that's necessarily enough to offset the positive trends. we have record corporate profits out there. all these things we want to see, in terms of this point in the recovery are in place to have continued job growth. the government sector is a drag. >> aside from the government sector woes. t.j. was talking about oil rates at two-year highs right now. we're also seeing that there are other factors. food prices are high, as well. could that derail an economic recovery? >> i don't think yet, it can. in 2008, we were at about $150 a barrel oil. i do think you have to get north of $4 a gallon for gasoline before you see it truly jeopardize the recovery. i don't think we're there yet. >> okay. michael, t.j., linsey, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. dan, back to you. >> fascinating discussion. and the motor behind those
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escalating oil prices is, of course, the unrest and uncertainty in the arab world. especially in libya. this morning, anti-government rebels in libya captured a key port down. but moammar gadhafi's forces launch another offensive near the capital city, tripoli. that's where we find our miguel marquez this morning. miguel, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. libya is essentially ripped in two. colonel gadhafi is increasing his force against rebels and protesters alike. but we could be in for a long, slow burn, as a civil war stalemate for weeks or months ahead. and colonel gadhafi could still come out on top. this morning, fighting continues west of tripoli. closer to the capital than ever before. in zawiya, forces loyal to gadhafi tried to crush the rebels with live fire. but there are reports the rebels
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are fighting back. both sides claim victory. east of the capital, a small, peaceful protest is threatening enough. police opened fire with tear gas and rubber bullets. at the heart of the struggle here, oil. libya's largest refinery is still operating. but there's guards at the gate and worry about the future. how concerned are you about what's happening outside the gates of this refinery in this city? >> what i'm trying to say, we are the libyans. we're concerned for the whole country. and you would hope this to be settled. and no harm. >> reporter: you are aware of it? and you're taking precautions? >> yes. i'm caring about the economy. and caring about the people of zawiya. >> reporter: by some estimates, crude oil production here has dropped by 50% or more, a massive hit to this small economy. another huge hit, cheaper foreign workers leaving by the thousands. this is the last stop for many refugees leaving libya. at least the last stop in libya. right beyond this gate, this is tunisia, where they hope to find a refugee camp. most of these people are
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bangladeshi construction workers out of tripoli. they have come here to get out of the country because there's no more work. just beyond this gate here, where you see those green flags, that's libya, the part that colonel gadhafi still controls. some african workers say staying is too dangerous. they feel targeted as hired fighters were gadhafi. >> they are accusing we blacks. we are mercenaries fighting against them. >> reporter: despite the rebellion, the enormous economic impact and the protests, colonel gadhafi still has a large and loyal power base. libya is split in two and could stay that way for a long time. now, internet service here is still cut off, as well. as well as data service for both blackberries or phones. they're almost useless. the city itself, it is ringed with tanks and other heavy weapons. it feels like this is a city under siege. dan? bianna?
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>> as you said, we could be in for a long, slow burn. miguel, thank you. now, for a look at the other stories, ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the battle over the budget, as republicans and democrats in congress, negotiate to try to avoid a federal government shutdown. we now know how far apart the two sides are. about $50 billion. senate democrats released their plan friday that includes $51 billion in spending cuts. republicans are demanding $100 billion in cuts. test votes are expected in congress this coming week. they have until march 18th to reach a deal. and a haunting, new photograph has been released, showing arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords just moments before she was shot in january, in tucson, arizona. in it, giffords is seen standing, talking to two of her constituents. shortly after the photo was taken, a gunman opened fire, killing 6 people and wounding 13, including giffords. now, to the video we showed
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you earlier. a priest in ohio is headed to rehab after being arrested for drunken driving and being caught on a videotape in a rant, while handcuffed to a wall in his jail cell. >> i want my dad. please. let me have my dad. and let me go home. i want to go home. >> police released the video of reverend ignatius kury, the holy ghost ukrainian catholic church in akron. the arrest is the priest's third for driving while intoxicated. and actor charlie sheen says he is planning a trip to haiti. sheen says he and sean penn will travel to the caribbean nation. penn says sheen can do good in haiti. and meanwhile, in a twitter message, charlie sheen says one of his girlfriends, rachel, the adult movie star, has moved out of his home. sheen wrote, quote, update, sober valley lodge, rachel has left the building. we're sad. over it. applications now being accepted. and finally, talk about hitting it big at the casino, listen to this.
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stanley chappiesky bet only 60 cents on a slot machine in california at a casino there. it paid off $733,000. >> that's a good return on an investment. >> how about that, huh? stanley says his wife needs new jewelry. congratulations to him. but this is a guy who once lost 20-straight hands of blackjack at a casino. a little maddening. we won the lottery this morning. you want to know why? chikage windler is here from our minneapolis station, kstp. >> flattery will get you everywhere. not a gamble that we'll be dealing with tough weather today. talking flood threat, especially for 16 states, spanning from new york, through ohio, all the way through illinois and down south into louisiana. 16 states with flash flood watches or warnings. many of these areas have already seen flooding in the last week. and take a look. more rain likely, from buffalo to columbus. down south from nashville to
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new orleans. two, maybe three inches of additional rain. and one more element to this weather story could see some severe weather down on the southern gulf coast. so, dan, what about you? do you play the lottery? >> sometimes. never won yet. which is why i'm here this morning. thank you, chikage. appreciate it. now, to the story of the high school basketball star who made a game-winning shot and moments afterwards suddenly
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collapsed on the court and later died. ron is back, now, with a look at how and why something like this can happen. >> dan, this is just a terrible story. the basketball player was 16 years old. but turns out, he suffered from a silent ailment that kills thousands of young people every year. it was this basket that capped a thrilling, undefeated season of basketball at michigan's fennville high school. when 16-year-old star athlete, wes leonard scored the basket that won the game by two points. but victory and celebration turned tragic, as leonard collapsed to the gym floor. >> the way he was calling for me, i knew it probably wasn't a very good thing. >> reporter: the cheering fans fell silent. rushed to the hospital. efforts to revive him failed. the cause of death, sudden cardiac arrest, due to an enlarged heart, where the electrical signal can short-circuit, stopping the
8:17 am
heart from beating. it's a condition that often goes unnoticed. according to friends and relatives, wes was fit and healthy, though recovering from the flu. his teammates were stunned. >> he was my best friend. i didn't want anything to happen to him. >> never thought it was him, so healthy. >> strong for us when we needed him. just did everything right. >> reporter: it is estimated that as many as 1 in 350 children may have a dangerous, underlying heart condition. and each year, as many as 3,000 young people die from sudden cardiac arrest. many of them high school athletes, just as wes was. >> athletes are probably at higher risk than the general population because they exercise more. in some persons with an underlying heart condition, exercise can be the trigger for a sudden cardiac arrest event. >> reporter: now, the entire fennville, michigan, community is mourning the loss of a young man with so much promise. >> a great basketball player. a great football player. but most of all, he's a great, young man. >> i had to get up this morning
8:18 am
and tell our 10-year-old that his hero passed away. that was very hard to do. >> and one lesson from this terrible incident. every student athlete should have a thorough physical examination, including taking their family medical history, to see if there are heart problems in their family. but michigan is one of the states that does require physicals for students. and the condition that wes had probably would not have been detected from just that exam. bianna? >> thank you. we're going to turn to mike huckabee, who was atop the republican leaderboard to take on president obama in 2012. but now, he's picked a fight he may not be able to win. taking on a hollywood leading lady who is single, pregnant and just won an oscar. david kerley is in washington with that story. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. by bringing natalie portman into this debate, he has enraged feminists. and political analysts are now wondering whether huckabee has taken a step or misstep toward running for president. seven months pregnant, natalie portman was assisted up the stage steps by her fiance to accept the best actress oscar. acknowledging the coming birth
8:19 am
of their child. >> i thank you so much. my beautiful love has now given me my most important role of my life. >> reporter: but those words, her appearance, sent the wrong message, according to huckabee, on a conservative radio show. >> most single moms are very poor, uneducated, can't get a job. it's unfortunate that we glorify and glamorize the idea of out-of-children wedlock. >> reporter: huckabee was quick to clarify. in a statement to abc news, he was trying to make a point of government programs that keep children of most single mothers from starving. but women's groups heard much more. >> it does anger me. a lot of conservative republicans have come out done things to take us back to a june cleaver motherhood role or picture of motherhood in america. >> i've given birth to a car alarm. >> reporter: is this all sounding familiar?
8:20 am
well, it was back in 1992, that vice president dan quayle criticized the "murphy brown" tv show for the same issue. >> doesn't help matters when primetime tv has murphy brown, bearing a child alone. and calling it just another lifestyle choice. >> reporter: but nearly two decades later, political analysts wonder what huckabee was hoping to establish. >> all attention is good attention when you're trying to sell books. or you just were sloppy and didn't even think about it. and that suggests that you're not serious about being a presidential candidate. >> reporter: in his statement, huckabee did praise natalie portman's acting ability. but he stuck to his guns, saying that hollywood should not glorify unwed mothers. now, we did ask natalie portman for a statement. and she did not respond. dan and bianna? >> david, thank you for that. coming up on "good morning america," clinging for their lives. how firefighters made a daring high-rise rescue of two workers after their scaffolding collapse.
8:21 am
and william and kate double-takes, in the run-up to the wedding of the century, these look-alikes are making a lucrative living pretending to be the future prince and future princess. our bianna golodryga will have that story, coming up. [ male announcer ] got a cold? [ coughs ] [ male announcer ] confused what to get? click on the robitussin relief finder. click on your symptoms.
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♪ fill my eyes with that double vision ♪ that is the power of abc news, folks. we landed -- no, we didn't. i guess they're not the real will and kate. it took us a while. it's not the interview we were hoping to get. those are two people who are paid to walk around the streets of london impersonating will and kate. >> it appears to work. they had a crowd here. >> yes. the irony here, is this isn't what they sought out to do. they had independent careers. people told them, you look so much like the two of them, you should go out and make that the new profession. >> were you convinced? >> i was more convinced with him. i thought he looked more like will. but you didn't think so. >> i thought they were reasonably convincing.
8:31 am
we'll have that debate in a little bit. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. this is saturday, march 5th. also coming up in this half hour, the followers of the self-help guru, james ray, are taking the witness stand, telling their version of events, after a deadly incident at a spiritual retreat. did james ray's recklessness cause the death of three of his followers? or was it a tragic accident? also coming up, we're going to do our weekly "your three words." first, a scaffolding collapses, leaving workers dangling from ropes 12 stories above the ground. mike marusarz is here with more on how it happened and the heroes that helped avert a dangerous situation. good morning to you, mike. >> reporter: this whole ordeal lasted about an hour and a half. about as long as one of those true hollywood dramas. and this morning, you can see the snarled scaffold, still kissing the side of this building. and this is the scene where all of this unfolded, about more than 100 feet up in the air.
8:32 am
there they were. two men, workers, dangling, 12 stories in the air. their scaffolding had just snapped, pausing their painting on the exterior of this yonkers apartment building. triggering a terrifying attempt to stay alive that played out on live tv. >> he was screaming help. >> reporter: help didn't arrive right away. the men clutched the dangling scaffolding. one painter to the bottom of the platform, while the other clung to the top. their only lifeline, as temperatures dipped to 35 degrees. as firefighters arrived, they developed a plan. rescuers tried a ladder. they extended it to its max. but it landed two stories short of the men. time kept ticking. >> there's also harness compression syndrome. if they stay in the harnesses too long, its could become a life-threatening situation. >> reporter: plan b. working tirelessly to rescue the men before dark.
8:33 am
mike giroux used his own harness to wrangle in one of the workers. >> i hooked him on my leg line. so, i know i have him. if their line failed, i have them. they're not going anywhere. >> reporter: with one of the men safe, giroux went back up to rescue the remaining worker. >> it was a pretty hairy situation. as long as everybody's calm, the rescue goes nice and easy, according to plan. >> reporter: after more than an hour, both painters were finally safe, thanks to a picture-perfect rescue mission. it's still unclear what exactly caused the scaffold to collapse. but the good news is those two workers were treated at the scene and received only minor injuries. and by the way, the firefighter that actually repelled from the top of this building to rescue the men, dan, said he actually had fun. >> well, that's good to know. mike, thank you for your reporting this morning. we appreciate it. and now, to the trial of one of the most successful self-help gurus in america. james ray is accused of reckless manslaughter, after three of his followers died in a crowded,
8:34 am
sweltering, two-hour-long sweat lodge ceremony. the trial started this week. and many of ray's surviving followers are taking the stand. >> when you came into this room -- >> reporter: he was once a self-help superstar. >> and bang, he's got a mercedes. >> reporter: one of the gurus featured in the best-selling book and dvd, "the secret." but this week, james ray sat silently in a courtroom in arizona, charged with reckless manslaughter, after three of his followers died in a sweat lodge ceremony in 2009, inside this makeshift hut, heated by red-hot rocks. >> instead of growth and enlightenment, kirby, james and liz, found death. >> i'm here to say that they died as a result of an accident. a tragic accident. not a crime. >> reporter: friday, witness
8:35 am
laura tucker testified that ray dismissed her warning about one of the victims, liz neumann, who was in distress during the event. she says ray's response was, liz has done this before. she knows what she's doing. abc news obtained these pictures of a previous james ray sweat lodge. they show participants sprawled out on the ground. one in visible physical distress. but others smiling. >> fate favors the bold. you need to play full-on. 100%. >> reporter: some of the smiles have faded, however, as ray's followers, one by one, entered the witness stand. >> i finally noticed there were people calling out and not doing well. and not responding. and that's when it hit me. and i realized, oh, dear. >> reporter: ray's defense team argues that his followers signed waivers acknowledging the risks of the retreat. prosecutors say those involved stayed inside the lodge, well past the point of safety because they were under ray's sway. >> i want you to allow your unconscious mind. >> i think it speaks to his
8:36 am
sense of omnipotence, that he felt that he could push people beyond their physical limits. >> reporter: one of ray's employees, melinda martin, told me that ray seemed to have disregarded his followers' safety, as he pushed them harder and harder in the lodge. did anybody reach inside the sweat lodge and say we have trouble right here? >> people were being dragged out in front of james. >> reporter: he had to have known that things were -- >> i don't know. it was quickly becoming like a m.a.s.h. unit. people were being dragged out. as they came out, they were worse and worse and worse off. >> the trial is expected to last for four months. and the jurors will decide if the deaths were a part of a tragic accident or recklessness on the part of james ray. now, to the other headlines and ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. the battle for libya as forces loyal to moammar gadhafi broke through rebel lines outside the capital, tripoli. libyan rebels have captured an oil port town after a fierce battle with pro-regime forces.
8:37 am
and republican house speaker, john boehner says he may have the house counsel go to defend the federal law that bans gay marriage. this after president obama said the defense of marriage act is unconstitutional and his administration will no longer defend it in court. the "spider-man" broadway musical here in new york city is facing more problems. "spider-man: turn off the dark" has been fined by federal regulators for safety violations that injured cast members. and they are holding a best barista contest this weekend in hollywood, california. competitors are making cappuccinos and complicated beverages in a 15-minute race against the clock. we'll give you the results tomorrow. time, now, for the weather and chikage windler of our minneapolis/st. paul affiliate, kstp. >> last time i came here, i brought with me cold and snow. not so this time around. the big apple, cloudy with the highs in the 50s. off to the west, though, from the ohio valley down in the deep south, heavy rain, severe threat towards the gulf coast.
8:38 am
and on the backside, just a touch of snow. maybe a couple of inches for places like cleveland, on towards buffalo. meanwhile, cold air coming in on the backside of that system. minneapolis/st. paul today, 26 chilly degrees. if you want to find a spot that's nice and warm, take a look at the nation's weather. orlando, nice. 80 degrees today. phoenix, 78. and this weather report was brought to you by united health care. bianna and dan? >> chikage, thank you for not bringing us the cold this time around, too. coming up on "good morning america," no. that's not who you think it is. it's not will and kate. they play them at parties, on the street, and now on tv. we'll meet the royal impersonators.
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we feel regal already on the couch with that music. well, as you know, i made a few entries in the royal diary this week, while i was in london. checking out the fashions and traditions for will and kate's wedding. i wore a tiara. a fascinator. >> ooh, i like that. >> you wear it well. >> you don't want to be sitting behind me. i enjoyed putting the hats on. of course, there was our nick watt, looking like a proper gentleman in morning coat. >> what are you hearing? >> my fascinator. as we looked royal, we didn't come close to the most glamorous of all couples, will and kate. but the people you're about to meet, they're making the most of it. and they're not will and kate. from a distance, they're the spitting image of the couple the whole world has come to know. but make no mistake. though they look the part, their
8:43 am
blood is not particularly blue. meet kate and william impersonators, kate bevan and andy walker. yes, kate's real name is kate. for these two, young brits, playing the part of royalty, right down to donning the perfect blue dress, is all in a day's work. >> a pretty unique thing. we get to experience people, taking pictures, for example. paparazzi following you down the street. >> when i'm wearing the blue dress, the ring, we create a lot of attention. >> reporter: we caught up with the duo outside of buckingham palace, where a throng of tourists thought, for a moment at least, they were the real thing. >> i thought it was them. >> i didn't think it would be possible that it would be them. but outside buckingham palace, anything is possible. >> reporter: look-alikes are commanding big bucks in the u.k. agencies look for would-be royals, who are hired out to
8:44 am
events. since william got engaged to the real kate middleton, requests for williams and kates have skyrocketed. so have kate and andy's paychecks. >> now, i'm making between 100 pounds to 500 pounds, depending on what the job entails. >> it's been brilliant in every way. fantastic. >> reporter: demand for the duo has grown so high, that earlier this year, andy traded in his job as security manager. and kate quit her job at a pharmacy. all to make looking like royals their full-time profession. while kate and andy share similarities with the royal couple, there are differences. kate is already a married woman. she had her own royal wedding last may. she works hard, she says, to look the part of the other kate, including keeping herself on a strict diet. it's all part of career survival. that's why, she says, she'll put off getting pregnant and starting a family for now. >> it would bring my kate work to an end.
8:45 am
>> reporter: once kate and william are wed? >> i think i will time my first child with kate and william's first child. >> talk about timing. >> commitment. >> i see what you're saying. i think she looks more like kate on video. not so much in person. >> really? how about him? >> he looked more like him in person. maybe i'm just tired. they do look like more at will and kate, especially when you look at the royal coin that just came out now. a lot of people are saying this doesn't look like either one of them. we came up with our own coin. george and robin. >> okay. >> it looks like them. >> yeah. >> and they're not impersonators. >> i'd rather have that coin. >> how many pounds is that worth? >> about ten pounds. >> that george and robin one? >> that's priceless. next week on our royal diary, we'll introduce you to the maid of honor, kate's sister, pippa. that's going to be on "good morning america" next week. coming up now, "your three words."
8:46 am
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all right. now, is the time when we turn the show over to you. it's called "your week in three words." this week, it's sets to the song "lost," by anouk. >> happy. >> birthday. >> papa. ♪ my hands longing to touch you but i can barely breathe ♪ ♪ starry eyes that make me melt right in front of me ♪ ♪ i can get lost in this world
8:50 am
even get lost in this song ♪ ♪ and when the lights go down ♪ ♪ that's where i will be found mr. inaccessible ♪ ♪ will this ever change one thing that ♪ ♪ remains the same you're still in ♪ ♪ a picture frame ♪ lost in this world i even get lost in this song ♪ ♪ when the lights go down that is where i'll be found ♪ ♪ lost in this world
8:51 am
i get lost in your eyes ♪ ♪ and when the lights go down am i the only one ♪ ♪ oh ♪ oh, oh, oh hey, hey ♪ >> and our congratulations to her. and a reminder, if you want to send us your three words, go to and upload your video there. we'll be back with a very funny picture. and becka's science fair is on the 8th. she's presenting the solar system. hey, i've got just the wholegrain fiber to keep her full so she can stay focused.
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[ kristina ] we're first generation dairy farmers. it was kind of like a learn as you go, learn from your mistakes. [ laughs ] [ shane ] well, we've only been dairying for 6 years and we kinda started with you know no family or any of that or nothing. yeah a lot of dairies have a hundred year history. [ laughs ] not us. [ kristina ] you know, in 20 years i hope we'll be right here, doing what were doing. [ male announcer ] meet the families behind real california dairy at
8:55 am
♪ so, last weekend, we were taking publicity shots for the new anchor team here on "gma." and there was one outtake that i wanted to share with the audience. it's of ron claiborne doing a burt reynolds move. >> love it. love it. >> i thought they were going to be buried and never seen, in the vaults again. busted. have a little fun, guys. >> you know what? you can pull it off. most people couldn't.
8:56 am
>> dan, wait until tomorrow. we have the dan harris shots. >> hide the children for that. >> it's adorable. >> thanks for watching abc news. always go to online. i'm still working here. please watch "world news" with david muir on later today. i'm going to baby sit these two children.
8:57 am
8:58 am
how's it going in there, hon? um, almost ready. [ car alarm blaring ] [ blaring echoes, fades ]
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